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By Florin Patrascoiu

Florin Patrascoiu, with his impressive 25-year tenure in the real estate sector, has established himself as a broker/owner who is not just successful in his own right, but also deeply committed to elevating the success of other real estate agents. At the helm of a high-achieving RE/MAX firm, Florin's leadership is defined by his passion for mentoring agents, helping them significantly increase their production and run thriving businesses, regardless of market conditions.

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My mission is to help provide you with the necessary lead generation and technology tools to provide buyers and sellers with the highest quality and most professional real estate services possible.

I have a strong grasp of the real estate market and how it can directly affect you and your business.

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So, I’ll be posting two monthly video messages on this blog to keep you updated. 

They will give you insight into strategies and systems that help you grow your business.

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